Our smart sorting system can
process, label and handle
thousands of boxes.
We know exactly what they are,
where they come from and where
they are going at any given time.

No box
left behind
Automatic sorting machine animation gif

It could get busy with over 100
people working every shift,
but our team spirit and
professionalism bring
exemplary results.

we achieve
box carton man in a box

In order to supply the demands
of both retail and online stores
we process thousands of boxes
each day, requiring efficiency
and cooperation.

up and
shippin’em out
conveyor belt with boxes animation gif

We supply many retail
points – from the Delta
brands stores to other
partners, all year round.

you are,
we will
reach you
baby and kids clothes store interior

The center is where we keep
thousands of products; for
men, women, children, and
everything in between.

Our biggest
barcode library
is the world
global supply animation gif

We guarantee a 24 hours
limit– from the moment
we receive the products until
they leave our center.

Between sorting,
labeling and
there is no time
to say goodbye
clock 24 hours life cycle animation gif

The logistics center was
planned to be eco-friendly.
Building up, utilizing vertical
space, can help reduce energy

Our diversity
a lot of space
warehouse trolly

We supply thousands of
different products to a
wide range of retailers
and customers

We work
to offer the best,
and we have
lots of it
boxes cartons stack

Designed to reduce energy
consumption and
environmental footprint,
we use advance technological
solutions to make our center
a gentle giant.

Total storage
space of more
than 3 football fields
truck loading docks animation gif

The staggering amounts of
items we house include
everything from baby suits to
pro athlete gear. Our diversity
is what makes it a challenge.

More quantity
does not mean
less quality
different clothes and items strip animation gif