Women of Delta – Tamara Steinert

Tamara SteinertPosition
Attorney at law and General Counsel, Schiesser AG


About my Delta Galil
I am responsible for negotiations and drafting all different contracts and issues relating to the whole business of Schiesser AG; accountable for corporate law themes and proceedings within Schiesser AG and its subsidiaries; liable for the maintenance and the defending of the intellectual property right portfolio and provide legal support to all operative departments of the Schiesser AG.

I love the diversity of my job; the topics, working to balance the antagonism between legal knowledge and business pragmatism, consulting and working with people in different departments and processes. Always something new.


About me
Growing up in a farm and farming community, I have always enjoyed horses and equitation.

My favorite Delta Galil product
I like the “Karl-Heinz” products from the Schiesser Revival Collection

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