Women of Delta – Mor Pesso

mor pessoPosition
CMO Delta Israel, a subsidiary of Delta Galil


About my Delta Galil
Growing up I was always captivated by big brands and the stories they tell. I remember walking around Prague as a teenager, amazed by Coca-Cola billboards with their energized eye-catching images. I knew right there it was much more than a soft drink ad, this simple billboard actually made me smile. No wonder I ended up on a 12 year journey in advertising; leading, planning and managing many large brands, among them was Delta. Moving to the “clients’ side” as a CMO was definitely the best career decision I’ve ever made. There are many challenges in my position but we did a lot of strategic work, set clear goals, got to know our target consumers and refined our brand Identity. I’m looking forward to continue telling the Delta story!


About me
I’m a mother of 2 amazing girls who I love dearly and try to be an example for, show them how to be a caring and thoughtful family member but also a happy individual with dreams and goals. I try my best to have a better work-life balance but ok with not succeeding, although I think I did a good job because my 3.5 Year old just told me she wants to visit Mom at work “at the pajamas store”.

My favorite Delta Galil product
CK CK CK and everything about it ♥

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