Women of Delta – Le Thi My Dung

le thi gung vietnamPosition
QA Laboratory Technician

About my Delta Galil
I have a passion for technology so I joined Delta as QA Laboratory technician. My work in the Laboratory is great and it teaches me so much about fabric and garment making… Also I learned a lot from my boss, she has broad knowledge and is a very kind person. I feel she helps me improve myself through our time together.

About me
Someone said that the technology we work with is so boring, but for me it is even more interesting than my university studies! The environment we work in is very professional, full of modern and advanced equipment.

My favorite Delta Galil product
I am a big fan of Delta Galil products, they feel comfortable and the fabric is soft. The style is also very nice, suitable for younger people and self-starters, just like me.

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