Women of Delta – Kristiyana Koleva

kristiyana kolevaPosition
Laboratory manager

About my Delta Galil
My work is full of different situations; every day is a chance to learn something new and I appreciate that opportunity. I wanted to work with Delta because I heard very good things about the place. After joining the team I learned that Delta is giving students and people a chance to grow and develop with the company, for a young person like myself this is very important.

About me
I like dancing, so I am currently attending a Zumba class. I am very active person in everyday life, so I love every sport.
Outside of work I am going through my education in Marketing and also taking a course on Web design, really hope that these new skills will be useful in my career.


My favorite Delta Galil product
For a sports person like me I am big fan of Delta`s Active Wear products!

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