Women of Delta – Gülşah Beyza Yalçıntepe

gulsah yalcintepe 11Position
LEAN Production Specialist

About my Delta Galil
I started my career at Delta Galil last year as a Social Compliance & Lean Officer. Now I focus exclusively on Lean Production; We look over all processes and develop new ideas to improve operations and processes within our organization. It feels good to work in a company that values its employees and their rights, everyone has a place and a chance to do their best.

About me
I always wanted a job where I can learn and improve myself during work, Delta Galil gave me exactly that! This is my first big job experience and this company became a second university for me… I learn something different every day. We all work as a team and this gives me passion to succeed in my profession and my field.


My favorite Delta Galil product
My favorite product are the NBA socks, the colors and patterns make me feel like in a Lakers game.

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