Women of Delta – Chiara Di Tinco

Chiara di tincoPosition
Ecommerce Manager 7 For All Mankind EMEA, a subsidiary of Delta Galil

About my Delta Galil
I love my job because every day is a challenge, digital and ecommerce are constantly evolving, bringing new opportunities. I started my career in digital in 2013 first in Nestlè and then in 7 For all Mankind ecommerce.
I’ve been lucky enough to experience the ecommerce and digital evolution almost since the beginning and I’m very excited if I think of all the potential that we can explore in these areas.

About me
I love to travel, meet new people and when I do so I try to understand local cultures and traditions. I also used to play volleyball and I even coached younger teams, I wish I could do it again soon…

My favorite Delta Galil product
For start 7 For All Mankind denim, However I’m looking forward to discover more of Delta Galil’s brands and products.

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