People of Delta – Maria Zavaleshen

Marina z profile imagePosition
Puma/FIX floor and team leader

About my Delta Galil
I have been with Delta Galil for the past 4 years. Started as a sorter – going lane by lane collecting products from a list. After 6 months I was promoted to work on a specific product line, and eventually I got to my position today – in charge of a team and responsible for a whole storage floor dedicated to two brands.

About me
The reason I find my job exciting is that working in such a huge logistics center brings you new challenges every day. You never know what the work is going to look like the next day, things are very dynamic and fluid. Each season has its peaks and we manage a different “crisis” every day.
I believe that working in such a challenging environment keeps me sharp, and having such hi-adrenalin atmosphere is also fun.

My favorite product by Delta Galil
NICI underwear – underwear with fashionable prints and colors, I love the cute designs and they are also great quality.

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