People of Delta – Larissa Zimmermann

Larissa ZimmermannPosition
Junior Product Manager

About my Delta Galil
I have been working at Schiesser since 2012. After completing my apprenticeship in 2015, I started working in the product management department for women & teens. My responsibilities include supporting our Senior Manager with developing and creating our collections. I’m responsible for generating and checking data and also prepare our sales documents and order analyses. Another of my duties is writing style descriptions for our online shop.

About me
Product management is an interface between many different departments, so my job never gets boring. I have the opportunity to work with a wonderful and experienced team who are not only colleagues, but I also regard them as my second family. In my spare time I play volleyball, hang out with friends and I enjoy cooking new recipes.

My favorite SCHIESSER product
My favorite series is Personal Fit, which is very comfortable and fits perfectly to your body. As these products have a good temperature balance, I wear them for my sports activities.

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