One on One with Iris Heller

Iris joined Delta Galil over 20 years ago as a graphic designer. Over the years she built the studio and established Delta’s global visual language. Today, the studio includes several graphic designers and serves every department and business unit in the company.

“As a designer I draw inspiration from everything around me – places, faces, food, books, fabrics. I love beauty and get excited by a pattern or material. The great thing is, that at Delta there is always something to be inspired by.”

What’s your biggest challenge when working with Delta?

Delta is a very versatile company. My biggest challenge is producing something that will truly represent us – we have so much to show. Our many products, our innovation, the creativity that’s a part of our DNA. Delta Galil isn’t just another supplier; we’re active partners with much to offer.
We’re leaders, we’re fashionable, we’re young, we’re quality, we’re very professional and we’re fun to work with!! Now, how do you capture and represent all that in a few pictures…

So how do you do it?

I do a lot of thinking and soul searching before I begin. I collect inspirational photos of global fashion and photography trends, as well as things that I like, that hit me, or touch me – much of it comes from the gut and a deep desire to really show off who we are. Also, it has to be done with sensitivity, and be extremely esthetic – because Delta is very much both of those things.

When you’re ready to start, what is it you want to achieve?

I wanted to create a strong visual language and make a clear statement. As a leading force in fashion, manufacturing as well as developing new technologies, we have the ability to focus on what matters most – the person wearing the item. That’s why I wanted to create a comfortable natural environment; spontaneous shots, nothing posed or staged, smiles and movement. Some photos are processed in black & white, a little more artistic and creative, free flowing – but still, very Delta.


How do you cast for a project like this?

Delta’s philosophy is to put the body, the real person, in the center. We think how our products answer the needs and wishes of real people, in the real world. I tried to cast real looking models who could be anyone – we’re for everyone and we’re everywhere, and that needs to be represented.

How do you create a ‘real’ look and feel in images?

The photos are only very slightly photo-shopped, as a matter of fact there is very little make up, minimal jewelry, no accessories, hair is a little messy, braids and ponytails for the girls, a little romantic… it’s really about the body, the expression, the eyes – the products.

Are you happy with the result?

I’m thrilled with the images. After the session we go back into the studio and process them together with everything else we have to create an entire package. We pull it all together so it is “Delta” in every way.


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