Business School With Isaac Dabah

During the 8 years since becoming the CEO of Delta Galil Industries, Isaac Dabah has managed to transform it into a global company that could manufacture anywhere in the world. This pragmatic take applied by Dabah is what allowed the company to survive through hard times, moreover, this approach helped the company to recover from losing 26.4$M in 2008, to reporting a positive revenue of 42.6 $M in 2013.

Dabah achieved this by making organizational changes as soon as he entered the position. He reduced production, made it more efficient, initiated budget cuts and signed more manufacturing contracts with larger brands. Today, Delta Galil develops, designs and manufactures products for a variety of international brands, including Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Nike and Tommy Hilfiger. Delta Galil also has licensing agreements and is marketing products of high-end brands such as Lacoste, Marc O’polo, Kenneth Cole and Columbia sportswear, among others.

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Delta Galil’s current CEO. Only 18 months after he became the majority share holder of the company, Delta Galil suffered great losses, making him think that he maybe did the biggest mistake of his life. But Isaac Dabah is not one to deny a challenge. “To me it all starts and ends with numbers. I’m a master of precision” as he describes himself, so he sat down in front of the numbers and knew what needed to be done.

Delta Galil’s growth over the past is attributed to several strategic moves, one of which is acquiring the German brand ‘Schiesser’ in 2012. The 87M$ acquisition reinforced Delta’s foothold in the European market, and specifically in Germany. This purchase also raised Delta’s sales in Europe by approx. 200M$. On top of that, Delta received licenses from “strong” existing brands such as Marc O’polo and Lacoste, for which Delta Galil is developing products.

It doesn’t end there as Isaac Dabah is a man of vision. Although he refers to Dov Lautman, founder of Delta Galil, and his close friend and mentor as a visionary, Dabah has great plans for the future; entering the Indian market, the second largest in the world, and conquering Latin America through Brazil. Dabah believes in what the future holds for Delta Galil.

But the success of Delta Galil can’t be attributed exclusively to Dabah’s keen business senses. It comes with a lot of hard work, flying through 4 continents in a week if necessary. None of which would be possible without the support of his wife, or as he puts it in his own words – ”She’s something special. When it’s difficult for me to make it home for the weekend, instead of saying ’come home, how much can one man work?!’ she says ‘don’t overstress yourself, do what you have to do’. That really helps me. She knows how important it is to work hard, to get to something. It’s very important to have a good spouse. I don’t know how people concentrate on work when they have trouble at home. I am a lucky man”.

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