Be More, Be Better! Be By Delta Wellbeing Wins Awards

We are proud and honored to share with you the great news – One of our internal programs has won an award by the Israeli Society for Human Resources Management at the annual HR Excellence Conference. Choosing this program reflects our approach towards our people, understanding their needs and wishes as a global employer, with thousands of employees all over the world. This task is not a simple one, and requires a lot of hard work and innovative thinking. Our HR department was awarded 1st place for the wellbeing program ‘Be Yourself’.

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Be Yourself, the groundbreaking program by Delta Well Being, is a holistic program offering a wide range of activities from various fields and is designed as a platform for the Delta Well being efforts. This fresh new welfare program is the dawn of a new era at Delta Galil; It is part of a major shift in our approach towards employee welfare. The Be Yourself program is the application of that new concept – encouraging our people to be proactive and strive towards better living, healthy lifestyle and self improvement, in their personal lives as well as in the work place.

Our main focus was on variety and diversity, as we wanted to offer a wide range of activities as well as applying to as wide and diverse crowd as possible – Delta Galil is made of many people, all from different backgrounds, ages and occupations. We made Be Yourself approachable to all.

The program is designed so each employee can choose and join their preferred activity, taking advantage of the diversity and flexibility as all activities are during working hours. We knew that the success of this program relies heavily on the partners and providers involved, they are the added value. That is why the professionals and instructors working with us in this project were chosen; because they offer more – more knowledge, more experience or a new approach.

The various activities are built around 6 topics:

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Focusing on fitness and sports through activities like the company running group, Zumba classes and more

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Combining mind and body with activities like Yoga and Guided Meditation to relieve tension and everyday stress

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Concentrating on healthy lifestyle with expert consultations on topics such as dietary balance and pro-athletic training

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Working on self improvement through empowering experiences like personal styling and even self defense classes

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Giving individual sessions and workshops in areas like positive psychology and personal success coaching

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Developing hobbies and hidden talents with activities like our choir group and photography classes

Be Yourself, our groundbreaking program by Delta WellBeing has won awards before! It was awarded a 50,000$ grant by the ‘Metta Movement’ of Lululemon.  We are innovators, we develop new technologies and products all the time. Our efforts to bring innovation into such a subject, employee wellbeing, and the design of a comprehensive program is another huge factor. It was only Natural These affirmations of the new direction taken by Delta WellBeing are another milestone in our track record of leadership, innovation and excellence. We invest back in our people because we know they are the most valuable asset we will ever have – they are Delta Galil.

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