The Bra - Past, Present & Future

The corset reigns supreme. This garment was worn to hold and train the body into a desired shape mainly for aesthetic purposes. Corsets were most often laced in the back, as they were a garment reserved for the aristocracy.


The French Herminie Cadolle separates the corset into 2 pieces, breaking the tradition and creating the corselete-gorge – an entirely new piece supporting only the breasts.


The young socialite from New York, Mary Phelps Jacobs, invents the first modern Brassiere. It is told that the young woman was trying to find a better solution that “won’t show” under her dress.


Although the previous decade saw the Brassiere gain in popularity, the new slender figure ruling fashion at the time is something else. To achieve that flat silhouette women go for the Bandeau – shaping the roaring 20’s.


Refusing to conform to fashion, dressmaker Enid Bisset and the Rosenthal family found Maidenform – making bras that enhance and accentuate the female form, focusing on fit and comfort.


S.H. Camp and Company decide to categorize breasts by sizes, creating the letters system – measuring breasts by cup sizes A-D.


The “torpedo” bra gains popularity, claiming that it offers added protection for women on the production lines in factories during WWII.


Silver screen idols like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren bring back the curvatious feminine look, with a smaller waist line and pronounced breasts. Also, new products are marketed to the new generation like maternity bras and first bras for teens.


The Canadian lingerie company Canada Lady gains popularity for their innovative product - the Wonderbra (pushup bra).


Three female friends at the University of Vermont invent the first sport bra called “the Jogbra”. This innovative product was first made by using sports supporters for men and transforming them, as the increased interest in fitness and sports arrives to women’s lingerie.


Madonna brings back the cone bra during her Blond Ambition world tour. The unique designer item by Jean Paul Gautier becomes a style icon for the entire decade.


Delta Galil branching into new segments: producing Seamless undergarments and expanding the Bra business.


Victoria’s Secret present the 10M$ bra with diamonds, rubies and 18 karat gold.


The future. Already established as a female must-have, the bra is due for another makeover. Wireless support? Figure fitting materials? Flexible sizes? We can only guess what the next step will be, but if history is any indicator it’s going to turn absolutely fabulous.