Shaping the Future of Active Textiles with Delta Galil and Shenkar

We were lucky to join in on an exciting event at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design where 16 students from the Department of Textile Design presented their final projects in the Active Textile course, a new and unique program developed in cooperation with Delta Galil. Each project is both a product, either a material or a design, and the research process behind it. During the course the students met with Delta Galil own designers and visited the research center in Carmiel, getting first hand experience and knowledge of textile production and design. The course was mentored by Liron Bilsky, Design and Innovation Director of the Socks Division and Tali Attias, Head Designer of the Seamfree Division, together with Dana Benshalom, the advisor and instructor from Shenkar.

“We wanted to show students the reality of the industry today, introduce them to the latest in textile technology and innovation.”
Says Liron Bilsky, Design and Innovation Director who worked closely with the students during the course.

“That is exactly why we initiated this program together with the Textile Design department at Shenkar College. Delta Galil, as industry leaders ourselves, is in a unique position to share our knowledge and our tools with the future generation of innovators.
We wanted to give them the chance to go through a full cycle of learning the material, study it, and come up with new solutions and ideas. It was really surprising to see of how professional the students were, learning from us and implementing that understanding into their products. We were impressed with the products they achieved in such a short time.”

Each project in the course is focused on a female athlete from a specific sport, from Ronda Rousey the modern MMA fighter to Martha Graham the legendary dancer and choreographer. Other figures included Valerie Kramer the Israeli National Champion Climber and Holly Holm the champion boxer, representing the ever widening array of female athletes and prominent female figures in the world of sports. For each project they identified a vacuum, a need or problem not currently addressed or lacking in research. These processes went beyond just design as the students explored subject like the female body armor for Olympic fencing, the use of magnets for recovery after training and more. 

In addition to the study of the activity itself, the students were introduced to knowledge and processed from the worlds of fashion and active wear design like Bio-Mechanics and Bio-Mimicry, learning the body and its movement to design better garments and materials. They also consulted with physical therapists, trainers and professionals from each field, exploring and researching topics such as the use of kinesio Tape and the mapping of muscles, new printing techniques for multifunctional fabrics or the use of advanced weaving technologies to create specialized materials. Even designing a 3-D pattern cut material, meant to move according to the body and show each movement with precision, matching to the learning process of correct moves and poses by dancers. 

Delta Galil is proud to partner once again with Shenkar College in this Active Textile course, sharing knowledge and resources with young designers and innovators and helping to shape the future of the industry as a whole. The outstanding results and breakthroughs presented by the students in this program show that there is yet much to learn and discover in the field of active textile, using the technologies of tomorrow to create solutions to the challenges of today.

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