Of Socks and Men

Something interesting is happening in the world of hosiery, as sales of men’s socks are presenting dazzling figures. This once neglected niche, fancy men’s socks, is now receiving a lot of attention.

According to data published by the NPD group, the Men’s Socks category has shown a whopping 3% growth in the past year alone, passing the $7 Billion marker globally. However, the most interesting thing about this figure is the reason behind it. The breakdown shows that consumers aged 18-35 are the driving force behind this shift. The Men’s socks category now represents 30% of all sales in the U.S. So are men suddenly interested in feet, or is there some other reason for this phenomenon?

We had a chat with Ohad Cohn, Managing Director of Delta Socks in the U.S and of branded Socks and underwear in Europe. With his knowledge of the hosiery world and market trends, along with his history of managing global brands, Ohad is the right guy to ask.


Men’s socks are THE hottest thing everyone is talking about in hosiery. Why do you think that is?

“Over time we can see that men are more interested in fashion” says Ohad, “They now try brighter colors, new fabrics and silhouettes. As for socks, they became the new tie, meaning that more and more men started to pay attention to a clothing item that was once almost invisible. That’s why the Men’s socks business in the U.S. market alone is worth more than $2.5 Billion a year.”

And how do you see this change affecting Delta Galil?

“Because we are both a socks manufacturer for leading companies like Nike and Lululemon, and others (e.g. Wilson, Columbia, Converse, Kenneth Cole NY, etc.), we have a unique perspective of the global socks market. Our diversified portfolio of brands allows us a foothold in various segments, including sports, outdoor, dress and lifestyle.

For example, after singing a socks license deal with Columbia in 2012, we succeeded to grow this business and ramp up sales in just a couple of years. Thanks to the great teams I work with in the U.S and EU, we achieved fantastic results and plan to continue to grow the outdoor socks category in the future.”

Where do you see Delta Galil going next?

“We are investing in developing new innovative products and technologies, in line with the market trends and the direction we get from our partners. The product is key, and our design improved dramatically over the last few years. In addition, we are always looking to further build our portfolio, add new brands to our family. “

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