Schiesser Celebrating 140 Years of Cutting Edge Tradition

It takes a special kind of company to maintain and preserve such a rich heritage, all while remaining one of the most innovative brands of its genre. Schiesser celebrated 140 years of tradition and progress in the exhibition “On Bare Skin” (“Auf Nackter Haut”) in Stuttgart. Under the slogan “NO FUTURE WITHOUT ANCESTRY” the exhibition presented underwear, intimates and swimwear throughout the history of the company, revealing details on social trends, fashion and technical inventions over the course of three centuries. On the one hand, the exhibition honors the tradition of Schiesser, established in 1875, and on the other hand shows the dynamic properties such as Zeitgeist, modernity and innovation.


It all started with Jacques Schiesser, the entrepreneur who wanted to make better products. He invented and designed the revolutionary nine hand-operated circular knitting chair. His new machine allowed the production of elastic tissues that would replace the scratchy fabrics used at the time. Soon after the invention Jacques was awarded the prestigious Grand Prix at the famous turn of the century World Expo in Paris.

Since then, Schiesser is always one step ahead of the trend, be it the 1920s slender undergarments, the 1950s elastic fabrics miracle or the 1960s “underwear gender revolution” as men’s underwear turned colorful and versatile. Later on, with the rise of pop culture in the 1980s and 1990s, underwear was brought to the front and artists like Madonna made use of undergarments as a fashion statement. Staying true to the times Schiesser created items that don’t only serve a purpose, but have an artistic expression as well.


Following its ingenues founder, Schiesser is looking to the future, continuously pushing forward. For 2016 the focus is expanding accessibility to the public, through multiple platforms, including online stores, additional retailers and more. It is clear that since 1875 and until this day, Schiesser is a leading brand in intimates, loungewear and swimwear all across Europe, and it will keep on growing and expanding even more.

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