Exploring the Off Screen Wonder of Wonder Woman

In an article recently published by one of the leading business magazines in Israel talks Zvika Shwimmer, SVP and CEO of Delta Israel, about the one and only Wonder Woman and the recent evolution of her brand.

Wonder Women, a cultural and feminine icon, is a character created sometime during the 1940’s as a comic book protagonist and has succeeded for many years to move audiences and remain relevant to the times. She is a member of the great brands club, alongside Mickey Mouse, Superman and Batman. One of the things that make Wonder Woman unique is her ability to adapt her character to different eras and even different generations. Wonder Women is the most loved and popular super-heroine in the world, a character that draws inspiration from ancient Greek mythology and was later re-modeled during the golden age of comic books. Her various strengths were accumulated over the years depending on her medium; from the comic book world through the successful 1975 TV series, and onwards to many other commercial outlets that established her success in the movie theaters, video games and animated series, all the way to the modern box office hit.

zvika shwimmer1This success of Wonder Women is surprisingly exceeding expectations, much of it is thanks to the combination of a powerful story with a strong female character. Gal Gadot, the Israeli star, and the mega-brand both create a sense of empathy and identification in audiences all over the world. Another female character that greatly contributed to this success is Patty Jenkins, who was chosen to direct the film so we got a proper super-heroine; an impressive figure, strong, assertive, kind and with a convincing moral compass.


Wonder Woman achieved something most brands fail to do; to stay relevant and appealing to various audiences, men and women alike, children, teens and adults. She successfully branched out into more commercial avenues and we get to see diverse cooperations between different companies and the Wonder Woman brand, bringing a new experience at the point-of-sale called Retailtainment; combining products with entertainment to create the maximum over-all experience of Wonder Woman. The products range from cosmetics to accessories and also include many other categories like apparel and shoes.

In this modern age, the Wonder Woman brand succeeded in combining a full 360 degrees of PR, social media and global campaigns. This gives the clients-audience exposure to the new movie through many different platforms and intersections. The emphasis is of course on a uniform message of a strong female super-hero, a magnetic heroine that saves the world but still remains very human. The brand’s growth is unique and ground breaking in its massive scale, and also in its presence on the various social channels like Gal Gadot’s Instagram account, exposed to over 5 million followers, as well as other cast members.  Gadot and the well oiled machine behind Wonder Woman masterfully used social media, an integral part of our lives nowadays, and were able to create intrigue and curiosity that complimented the traditional PR outlets. They did so through interviews, talk shows and red-carpet events and later on with the movie critics and promotional campaigns around the world.

There is no doubt that in a world in need of heroes to overcome difficulties we all wish for such a warrior, someone to be enraged by the hopelessness of war, to demonstrate courage, integrity and determination. But until we find a real Wonder Woman, we will continue to enjoy the pop culture icon who has recently received a new film star and numerous products that create this Wonder Women experience.

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Zvika Shwimmer has been serving as CEO of Delta Israel since 2011. During his tenure Delta Israel has grown significantly and is now a chain with over 160 stores, as well as owner of the FIX brand and chain store and is the PUMA licensee in Israel. Mr. Shwimmer holds an MBA from School of Business Administration at the Bar Ilan University.

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