Celebrating 10 years of Delta Galil in Bulgaria

This year marks a decade of Delta Galil activity at our factory is Rousse, Bulgaria. Celebrations included a full day event with a ceremony honoring employees who have been with us for over 10 years, games and more. In addition, as part of the Delta Galil green vision and to improve the work environment some 40 trees were planted around the premises by employees from all departments.


dtb 10 years 1More than just an anniversary for DTB (Delta Textile Bulgaria) this year also marks changes and steps we have been taking in a new direction towards greener manufacturing and better results. We know that the only way we could grow is together, and at Delta Galil we believe in investing in our most valuable of resources – our employees. In 2017 we added new members to the factory staff, now almost 700 employees, raised all salaries by 12%, renovated and remodeled the factory both indoors and the grounds outside and arranged for a fully funded supplementary health insurance plan as a benefit for our employees.

As a company with innovation in its core, over the past 10 years we have been expanding, improving and growing our activity in Bulgaria in many ways; expanding the range of products and turning DTB into our flagship socks manufacturing facility. To achieve these goals we introduced new procedures and technologies to improve our work methods, processes and overall results.

dtb 10 years 2Our factory is a green facility, LEED certified, built to reduce waste and energy consumption. Moreover, for us at Delta Galil the future is what happens now and in that spirit we have introduced a new production system during 2016, improving manufacturing while increasing production volume. This transition brought a drastic change to some of the factory’s daily operations, but it proved beneficial as results from 2017 show – monthly production was increased, we provided our clients the highest quality end product and maintained a 100% On Time delivery. This means we make more and better products, while constantly improving the service we give our partners around the world.

As industry leaderes, Delta Galil is forever looking for new ways to improve; we expand our facilities but also know how to be flexible, adapt to new processes, always evolving to become better, make better products and grow our Delta Galil family with new members.

dtb 10 years 3

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