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Touch&Go™ – Hook And Eye Bra Accessory

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We are proud to announce that Touch&Go™ – Hook And Eye Bra Accessory has been issued a patent.

We have created an easier way to fasten and unfasten a bra.
Our ergonomic hook&eye design eliminates the twisting and turning, currently needed to fasten a regular bra. The simple touch&go fastener makes closing a bra behind the back a simple task.

The components of the Touch&Go hook and eye slide easily into one another, using flat wide hooks rather than the small round versions more common on the market. This allows the two components to easily click into one another, with no need for the wearer to search for the connecting piece. The intuitive fastener can be used on bras of all kinds, and its one-click on-and-off application is especially well suited for sports bras.

“We’re very pleased to have been granted this patent in the United States,” said Isaac Dabah, CEO of Delta Galil. “While we’re confident this simple technology will prove incredibly popular, we’re also mindful of the investment of time, research and development that went into perfecting it., and so are grateful to be able to protect our intellectual property. We look forward to continuing to provide innovative products to our customers and to developing more ways to ensure they can dress with quality, comfort, and ease.”

Millennials and Gen Z shaking up the cotton industry

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Changing interests and preferences among younger consumers are placing new demands on the cotton industry. As Millennials and Gen Z become avid consumers, cotton manufacturers will need to heed the demands of this large and influential group of consumers in order to stay successful.


As one of the largest generations in history, Millennials are those born between the early 1980s and the turn of the millennium. They are expected to number 17m in the UK alone by the year 2019 and are the first truly digital generation. As such, their expectations are vastly different than those of their older Generation X and Baby Boomer counterparts. They are known to be global citizens, seeking to make the world better. They are also known as smart, technologically savvy, civic-oriented and acutely conscious of issues relating to health, society, the economy and the environment.

Gen Z, those 18 years and younger, currently represents more than 23% of the UK population and are poised to be an even larger group than the Millennials. Growing up completely immersed in the digital age, they too are digitally savvy and have tremendous influence on the buying patterns of their parents. Furthermore, these young consumers are pragmatic about money and care about authenticity.

Millennials and Gen Z are in, or are about to enter, their prime spending years –
which will undoubtedly have a meaningful impact on the future of the cotton industry

The two groups have many commonalities but several that will particularly impact the cotton industry. These young consumers are extremely well educated, include physical fitness in their everyday lives and are committed to the environment and sustainability. Furthermore, both groups are in, or are about to enter, their prime spending years – which will undoubtedly have a meaningful impact on the future of the cotton industry.

The smarter generations

According to research group the Brookings Institution; Millennials are trending to be the most educated generation in western history. And no doubt Gen Z will follow. These consumers place a great deal of value on truthfulness, trusting influencers, opinions on social media and word of mouth far more than television and print ads. They are not easily swayed by false claims and will readily switch to a competitor if a brand shows a lack of trustworthiness or doesn’t align with their core values.

Furthermore, they appreciate innovative technologies. As the first generation to grow up in a digital age, Millennials are 2.5 times more likely to be early adopters of technology than older consumers and they expect similar innovation in the products they purchase.

Focus on health and well-being

There is a general trend among Millennials and Gen Z towards health and well-being, with Millennials exercising more, eating smarter and smoking less than previous generations.

Young consumers today are more active than ever and require clothing that offers enhanced functionality and performance. Consumers have higher than normal expectations when it comes to the fit, comfort, look, feel and performance of their clothing.

Advancements in manufacturing technologies have evolved to address these demands, focusing on ways to converge the comfort of cotton with enhanced durability, evaporation and absorption features.

‘Real Cool Cotton’, an innovative cotton that can evaporate significantly faster than standard cotton, is a technology that increases the absorption capacity of the fabric, while also transferring moisture to the surface so it can evaporate more rapidly.

Enhancements to standard cotton allow manufacturers to now offer products with the comfort of cotton and the performance level typically associated with synthetics. This is a combination of form and function that Millennials and Gen Z have come to expect.

Commitment to sustainability and social responsibility

Millennials and Gen Z are certainly a new type of consumer. They try to be responsible in what they purchase and expect the same from the companies from whom they shop. They look for companies that commit to sustainability and other environmental factors, as well as diversity and inclusion and positive employment practices.

In fact, in the 2016 Millennial Study conducted by Deloitte, 56% of respondents said they would shun organizations whose values conflicted with their own. And 87% believe that a company’s measure of success is more than just its financial performance.

And money doesn’t seem to be an issue. A Nielsen global online study found that nearly three out of four Millennials and Gen Z are willing to pay extra for sustainable products and for products from companies who are committed to social values and being environmentally friendly. In fact, a senior vice president for sustainability at Nielsen said: “Brands that establish a reputation for environmental stewardship among today’s youngest consumers have an opportunity to not only grow market share but to build loyalty among the power-spending Millennials of tomorrow, too.”

It has been estimated that if the lifecycle of a cotton garment can be extended by nine months,
the water footprint can be reduced by 5-10%.

Yet despite the industry’s best efforts, cotton production still requires significant amounts of water. It has been estimated that if the lifecycle of a cotton garment can be extended by nine months, the water footprint can be reduced by 5-10%. It is imperative that going forward, cotton manufacturers focus on making cotton fabrics that are more durable and will stay new looking longer.

Innovations such as ‘Real Lasting Cotton’, for example, is a technology that preserves cotton fabrics and keeps clothing looking and feeling brand new after multiple washes. The technology creates a fabric that is more durable than traditional cotton fabrics, thus creating a longer lifespan for clothes.

With two billion shirts produced around the world each year, extending the lifespan of garments and reducing the natural resources required would alleviate significant environmental concerns for these Millennial and Gen Z consumers.

Cotton is a natural and sustainable fiber that will forever have a place in the world of apparel and fashion. Today’s young consumers are placing an overwhelming burden on cotton manufacturers to up their game. They are demanding products with the comfort of cotton combined with the enhanced functionality of synthetic fabrics and longer life cycles. At the same time, Millennials and Gen Z are placing pressure on manufacturers to reduce their environmental footprint.

There are several cotton manufacturers who are offering just that. These players focus on research and development that lead to the novelty and quality that consumers have come to expect. These companies will continue to drive the innovation that has positively impacted the cotton and apparel industry and resulted in the introduction of the groundbreaking new products that we are seeing today.

About the author : Esti Maoz is a senior vice president and chief marketing and innovation officer at Delta Galil, the manufacturer of Real Cool Cotton and Real Lasting Cotton.
The article was featuren in Just-Style magazine on November 6, 2017. 

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The Breast Revolution – Are Bras Going the Way of the Dodo?

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True & Co., the American lingerie start-up, recently released a survey of some 2.7 million women. The results showed that four out of five women don’t wear push-up bras anymore, and instead are turning to bralettes. Moreover, as push-up bra sales dropped from 24% to 15% in a single year, the unlined bras grew to be the company’s biggest new thing.

According to the NPD Group, 41% of female millennials wear a sports bra at least once a week, compared to just 21% of females above 35. Comfort is key for the younger generation and it looks like they do not discriminate as more and more “comfy” products are coming out. Major brands are also very quick to join in on this trend and offer new products to the comfort seeking clientele. Victoria’s Secret introduced the seamless bralettes last year, Urban Outfitters offer the cotton lounge bralette by Tommy Hilfiger and that is just the tip of the lacy iceberg.

quote with bras ornage

To explore this phenomenon we had a chat with Kamelia Loukipoudis, a designer with the Bra Silo Division at Delta Galil.

Where do you see this market going next?

“When it comes to the future of bras, the evolution of the bralette is the next big thing. It’s all about new techniques, new fabrics and new details on bralettes and unlined or wireless styles. We are currently working on new development – the bra/bralette hybrid. I believe it is going to revolutionize the market and offer something new and unique.”

Kami picture roundWhy is the hybrid so important?

“The traditional bralette does not offer much support – which can be difficult for some women who are more on the large side of the scale, but still need some support. Traditionally that included a hook & eye strap, a wire or other more constructed details. In the past, bralettes were all a pull over the head with minimal support, lacey or strappy pieces. The hybrid adds the support and structure of a bra with the fun and flirty details of the bralette. It is a product meant to be seen as fashionable classic, but also designed to be worn by those who need a little more support.”

How do you approach such a project as a designer?

“As designers we always think about the end customer. Who is she? How does she intend to wear this? It’s also important to think about the human body, real figures. I think that is why the hybrid style has come into existence – there was a huge demand from women who wanted to enjoy the fashionable trend, but it just didn’t fit them or it wasn’t flattering. As a result, a void was created and we decided to create the solution.”

quote with bra red

Where do your inspirations come from?

“Inspiration comes from all around. For seamless we might be inspired by a pair of sneakers. For cut and sew we might be inspired by an Oscar gown. It can literally come from anywhere.”

How much of your personal experience is put into the design process?

“I know there is some disagreement on this topic. Some people think you should dissociate yourself from the product because it’s not about you, it’s about the customer. Others think you should always include yourself because you too are a customer. I like to think about how I would interact with a product. If I was a customer, how would I feel about it? What would I think? If I wore it, would it be uncomfortable? So I do include my personal experience, even if not as a designer.“

green quote bannerWhere do you see the Delta Galil innovative spirit in your work?

“We constantly stay in the know on what is trending by following social media, trend reports, celebrity culture etc. We also look at other categories like shoes, home furnishings and even new technology to see what it was that they are innovating, and we try and bring those ideas into our world of intimates.”

How is your work changing things out in the world? Do you see any impact?

“Though it might be simple, there is nothing more rewarding than making a product that a customer wants to wear. A great fitting bra can make any woman feel confident and strong. It is the back bone of her day, it could shape how she feels about herself and therefore how she acts. Seeing reviews of our products that people have purchased, worn and loved makes us all feel like we’ve achieved something.”

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Be More, Be Better! Be By Delta Wellbeing Wins Awards

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We are proud and honored to share with you the great news – One of our internal programs has won an award by the Israeli Society for Human Resources Management at the annual HR Excellence Conference. Choosing this program reflects our approach towards our people, understanding their needs and wishes as a global employer, with thousands of employees all over the world. This task is not a simple one, and requires a lot of hard work and innovative thinking. Our HR department was awarded 1st place for the wellbeing program ‘Be Yourself’.

girls on beach black white

Be Yourself, the groundbreaking program by Delta Well Being, is a holistic program offering a wide range of activities from various fields and is designed as a platform for the Delta Well being efforts. This fresh new welfare program is the dawn of a new era at Delta Galil; It is part of a major shift in our approach towards employee welfare. The Be Yourself program is the application of that new concept – encouraging our people to be proactive and strive towards better living, healthy lifestyle and self improvement, in their personal lives as well as in the work place.

Our main focus was on variety and diversity, as we wanted to offer a wide range of activities as well as applying to as wide and diverse crowd as possible – Delta Galil is made of many people, all from different backgrounds, ages and occupations. We made Be Yourself approachable to all.

The program is designed so each employee can choose and join their preferred activity, taking advantage of the diversity and flexibility as all activities are during working hours. We knew that the success of this program relies heavily on the partners and providers involved, they are the added value. That is why the professionals and instructors working with us in this project were chosen; because they offer more – more knowledge, more experience or a new approach.

The various activities are built around 6 topics:

man running

Focusing on fitness and sports through activities like the company running group, Zumba classes and more

woman meditating

Combining mind and body with activities like Yoga and Guided Meditation to relieve tension and everyday stress

fruit basket

Concentrating on healthy lifestyle with expert consultations on topics such as dietary balance and pro-athletic training

girl in sunglasses

Working on self improvement through empowering experiences like personal styling and even self defense classes

people jumping in air

Giving individual sessions and workshops in areas like positive psychology and personal success coaching

girl with camera

Developing hobbies and hidden talents with activities like our choir group and photography classes

Be Yourself, our groundbreaking program by Delta WellBeing has won awards before! It was awarded a 50,000$ grant by the ‘Metta Movement’ of Lululemon.  We are innovators, we develop new technologies and products all the time. Our efforts to bring innovation into such a subject, employee wellbeing, and the design of a comprehensive program is another huge factor. It was only Natural These affirmations of the new direction taken by Delta WellBeing are another milestone in our track record of leadership, innovation and excellence. We invest back in our people because we know they are the most valuable asset we will ever have – they are Delta Galil.

Our New HQ in Caesarea

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ceaserea new building delta galil

Following a 5 year plan the company in Israel has migrated to its new home in Caesarea!
The move was a result of a comprehensive re-organizational shift to unify and concentrate all the different departments under a single roof; the home of Delta Galil. This move is an important milestone, while celebrating our foundation 40 years ago and another step for Delta Galil as a growing company, representing the need for a “command center” including all the different company segments, except R&D, that will remain in its current location.

The building, designed by architect Ori Halevy from Auerbach Halevy Architects, is designed in a modern way, expressing the global power of Delta Galil, dynamic movement and flow. It embodies the innovative spirit of Delta Galil through a round design, without sharp corners or edges. The complete design is fresh, fashionable and contemporary, representing the artistic side of Delta Galil as a company in the fashion business. In addition, the building was designed with a “green” approach of utilizing natural resources, like natural light, to make the new building a part of its environment and not an artificial addition. The terraces and garden surrounding the building also offer alternative work spaces that enable the use of the complex as a whole, and not just an office building.


This holistic idea and approach for the Delta Galil headquarters are also evident in the interior, designed by the renowned Italian designer Pierpaolo Ricatti. With the workers’ needs and comfort in mind, the workspace was built with an emphasis on open spaces, light and transparency. This is meant to encourage creativity, sharing knowledge, team work and communication between all associates – the people of Delta.

This project required many associates to join forces , including Isaac Dabah, our CEO, as a visionary for this new HQ building: The actual building process, Led by Raz Sapir, was done with assistance from of the IT department regarding infrastructure, HR department regarding solutions for the various associates and more. We want to take this opportunity to thank all who were involved and we hope this new environment will encourage more sharing, team work, transparency and new achievements all around.


This is all part of the Delta Galil culture, including both employee needs and local resources to achieve the highest standard. The new HQ of Deltas Galil is much more than just another pretty face, the building and its surroundings were designed to be functional, used by the people in it. They are meant to serve various activities and purposes, be it work, recreation or networking. Our new building is a home for everyone here at Delta Galil.

We welcome you all to visit!

Matchtonim Campaign Breezing Past Competition

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The advertising website announced first place gows to our print ad “Marilyn”!
The ad was made for the Delta brand Matchtonim, as part of a campaign introducing the new series of Matchtonim, underpants made of Delta’s new technology Real Cool Cotton.



Our Green Factory in Bulgaria

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weaving machine factory

Delta Galil is proud to present the green, state of the art sock factory in Rousse, Bulgaria –
“Another step toward becoming our customers’ first choice!”

September 2011 We celebrated the official launch of the new state-of-the-art and completely green socks factory, joining Delta’s production system. The diligence and pride that characterized this process are a reflection of its unique advantages for the Socks and Seamless Operation Division, and for Delta, as a whole, as explained by Yigal Heretz, manager of the Delta textile factory in Bulgaria and manager of the new factory: “The green, state-of-the-art factory is another step in our efforts to become the first choice of our customers!

Yossi Saar: COO – Socks and Seamless Division. The new factory joins Delta Bulgaria’s existing production system, in the flux of a development momentum. Based on the modern requirements of the market and the customers – including modifications to meet the green trend that is growing among our customers and among consumers.

The Official Launch – 13.9.2011 – Among the guests were the Israeli Ambassador to Bulgaria, Noah Gal -Gendler; the Bulgarian District Governor, Plamen Stoilov; suppliers’ representatives, and naturally, Delta’s senior managers.

Yigal Heretz: The opening of the new factory is part of the company’s strategy for turning Delta Bulgaria into one of its leading sites. In recent years, personnel infrastructure and equipment have been built that enable us to take an additional step toward excellence.

bul big

A Totally Green Factory in the process of receiving LEED certification

The new factory meets the most stringent and progressive international environmental standards: It was planned and constructed according to the international LEED standards and is currently in the process of receiving certification. Green issues in Bulgaria are spearheaded by Green Officer Vladimir Petkov, which is engaged in the final quality inspection of the finished product, serving as the eyes of the customer. As part of the team’s professional responsibility, it conducts a laboratory test of the threads and the socks, in order to ensure that they meet all the standards.

Svetoslava Nikolova is responsible for implementing the LEED Project in Bulgaria and for the green issues at the factory – including the learning and construction process, and adhering to LEED’s silver standard. She began working at Delta about 6.5 years ago, when she was a biology student; and although she joined the green field almost by accident, she describes herself as a green person, inside and out.

Svetoslava: “The green standard at the new factory is expressed in a variety of aspects: the use of local construction materials avoiding any additional cost or wasting of energy for shipment. The materials and components used for construction and lighting, ventilation and heating are all energy saving are all selected according to LEED guidelines. The building’s internal and external lighting are adjusted in such a way that they do not light up the night sky, in order to avoid ‘light pollution’. Water conservation is achieved by irrigating with rain water; dual-quantity devises enable the use of a reduced quantity of water in the toilet tanks; and the taps are installed with water saving devices. In addition to the environmental protection, an emphasis is also placed on the welfare and safety of the workers in the building; one example relates to the location and exact size of the windows, planned to let in a sufficient quality of daylight and to enable eye contact with the outside. Advantages for the Environment, Customers and Delta The company’s management has lauded the Socks and Seamless Division for its vision and efforts that have implemented its strategy. The construction of the green factory is in line with Delta’s strategy to become a very green company, and it provides the company with a significant advantage over its competitors, as it allows Delta to offer customers the advantages of state-of-the-art and sustainable production capability.