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Delta Galil – Creativity & Diversity

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We at Delta Galil are engaged to the value of diversity  and implement it on a daily basis in each of our global facilities. We employ 23,000 associates from all walks of life who represent the diversity in our society.

By doing so, we continue our founder’s legacy, the late Mr. Dov Lautman, who saw diversity as an inseparable part of equal and fair employment, while recognizing and appreciating the outcomes it brings.

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 – A letter from our CEO

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International Women’s Day 2019 – #BalanceforBetter

Every year International Women’s Day has a theme. This year, under the hashtag #BalanceforBetter, it is not only promoting gender equality, but a gender-balanced world.

77% of our workforce here at Delta Galil are women. This may be a reflection of the fact that the textile industry has traditionally been more amenable to women workers. But today, women at Delta Galil are the driving force of our business. They are responsible for designing, manufacturing and marketing our products, managing our workforce, IT systems and financial activities, and developing our business strategy.

Embracing a more gender-balanced world is an aspiration we strive for daily at Delta Galil. Since we opened our doors, we’ve strived to look beyond gender, to ensure equal opportunities to all, by giving each one of our associates the chance to advance and develop their unique talents – no matter their gender.

51% of the garments we produce on behalf of the world’s most famous fashion brands are worn by women – so we’re getting the balance right in this respect.

We are proud that so much of our passion, innovation and expertise goes into creating and producing products that make women feel comfortable and confident every single day.

That’s why at Delta Galil we are proud to celebrate International Women’s Day not just today, but on the other 364 days of the year as well.

Delta Galil. Women’s day. Every day.



Isaac Dabah

Shaping the Future of Active Textiles with Delta Galil and Shenkar

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fabric with print

We were lucky to join in on an exciting event at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design where 16 students from the Department of Textile Design presented their final projects in the Active Textile course, a new and unique program developed in cooperation with Delta Galil. Each project is both a product, either a material or a design, and the research process behind it. During the course the students met with Delta Galil own designers and visited the research center in Carmiel, getting first hand experience and knowledge of textile production and design. The course was mentored by Liron Bilsky, Design and Innovation Director of the Socks Division and Tali Attias, Head Designer of the Seamfree Division, together with Dana Benshalom, the advisor and instructor from Shenkar.

“We wanted to show students the reality of the industry today, introduce them to the latest in textile technology and innovation.”
Says Liron Bilsky, Design and Innovation Director who worked closely with the students during the course.

“That is exactly why we initiated this program together with the Textile Design department at Shenkar College. Delta Galil, as industry leaders ourselves, is in a unique position to share our knowledge and our tools with the future generation of innovators.
We wanted to give them the chance to go through a full cycle of learning the material, study it, and come up with new solutions and ideas. It was really surprising to see of how professional the students were, learning from us and implementing that understanding into their products. We were impressed with the products they achieved in such a short time.”

Each project in the course is focused on a female athlete from a specific sport, from Ronda Rousey the modern MMA fighter to Martha Graham the legendary dancer and choreographer. Other figures included Valerie Kramer the Israeli National Champion Climber and Holly Holm the champion boxer, representing the ever widening array of female athletes and prominent female figures in the world of sports. For each project they identified a vacuum, a need or problem not currently addressed or lacking in research. These processes went beyond just design as the students explored subject like the female body armor for Olympic fencing, the use of magnets for recovery after training and more. 

In addition to the study of the activity itself, the students were introduced to knowledge and processed from the worlds of fashion and active wear design like Bio-Mechanics and Bio-Mimicry, learning the body and its movement to design better garments and materials. They also consulted with physical therapists, trainers and professionals from each field, exploring and researching topics such as the use of kinesio Tape and the mapping of muscles, new printing techniques for multifunctional fabrics or the use of advanced weaving technologies to create specialized materials. Even designing a 3-D pattern cut material, meant to move according to the body and show each movement with precision, matching to the learning process of correct moves and poses by dancers. 

Delta Galil is proud to partner once again with Shenkar College in this Active Textile course, sharing knowledge and resources with young designers and innovators and helping to shape the future of the industry as a whole. The outstanding results and breakthroughs presented by the students in this program show that there is yet much to learn and discover in the field of active textile, using the technologies of tomorrow to create solutions to the challenges of today.

Celebrating 10 years of Delta Galil in Bulgaria

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This year marks a decade of Delta Galil activity at our factory is Rousse, Bulgaria. Celebrations included a full day event with a ceremony honoring employees who have been with us for over 10 years, games and more. In addition, as part of the Delta Galil green vision and to improve the work environment some 40 trees were planted around the premises by employees from all departments.


dtb 10 years 1More than just an anniversary for DTB (Delta Textile Bulgaria) this year also marks changes and steps we have been taking in a new direction towards greener manufacturing and better results. We know that the only way we could grow is together, and at Delta Galil we believe in investing in our most valuable of resources – our employees. In 2017 we added new members to the factory staff, now almost 700 employees, raised all salaries by 12%, renovated and remodeled the factory both indoors and the grounds outside and arranged for a fully funded supplementary health insurance plan as a benefit for our employees.

As a company with innovation in its core, over the past 10 years we have been expanding, improving and growing our activity in Bulgaria in many ways; expanding the range of products and turning DTB into our flagship socks manufacturing facility. To achieve these goals we introduced new procedures and technologies to improve our work methods, processes and overall results.

dtb 10 years 2Our factory is a green facility, LEED certified, built to reduce waste and energy consumption. Moreover, for us at Delta Galil the future is what happens now and in that spirit we have introduced a new production system during 2016, improving manufacturing while increasing production volume. This transition brought a drastic change to some of the factory’s daily operations, but it proved beneficial as results from 2017 show – monthly production was increased, we provided our clients the highest quality end product and maintained a 100% On Time delivery. This means we make more and better products, while constantly improving the service we give our partners around the world.

As industry leaderes, Delta Galil is forever looking for new ways to improve; we expand our facilities but also know how to be flexible, adapt to new processes, always evolving to become better, make better products and grow our Delta Galil family with new members.

dtb 10 years 3

Exploring the Off Screen Wonder of Wonder Woman

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linda carter wonder woman black and white

In an article recently published by one of the leading business magazines in Israel talks Zvika Shwimmer, SVP and CEO of Delta Israel, about the one and only Wonder Woman and the recent evolution of her brand.

Wonder Women, a cultural and feminine icon, is a character created sometime during the 1940’s as a comic book protagonist and has succeeded for many years to move audiences and remain relevant to the times. She is a member of the great brands club, alongside Mickey Mouse, Superman and Batman. One of the things that make Wonder Woman unique is her ability to adapt her character to different eras and even different generations. Wonder Women is the most loved and popular super-heroine in the world, a character that draws inspiration from ancient Greek mythology and was later re-modeled during the golden age of comic books. Her various strengths were accumulated over the years depending on her medium; from the comic book world through the successful 1975 TV series, and onwards to many other commercial outlets that established her success in the movie theaters, video games and animated series, all the way to the modern box office hit.

zvika shwimmer1This success of Wonder Women is surprisingly exceeding expectations, much of it is thanks to the combination of a powerful story with a strong female character. Gal Gadot, the Israeli star, and the mega-brand both create a sense of empathy and identification in audiences all over the world. Another female character that greatly contributed to this success is Patty Jenkins, who was chosen to direct the film so we got a proper super-heroine; an impressive figure, strong, assertive, kind and with a convincing moral compass.


Wonder Woman achieved something most brands fail to do; to stay relevant and appealing to various audiences, men and women alike, children, teens and adults. She successfully branched out into more commercial avenues and we get to see diverse cooperations between different companies and the Wonder Woman brand, bringing a new experience at the point-of-sale called Retailtainment; combining products with entertainment to create the maximum over-all experience of Wonder Woman. The products range from cosmetics to accessories and also include many other categories like apparel and shoes.

In this modern age, the Wonder Woman brand succeeded in combining a full 360 degrees of PR, social media and global campaigns. This gives the clients-audience exposure to the new movie through many different platforms and intersections. The emphasis is of course on a uniform message of a strong female super-hero, a magnetic heroine that saves the world but still remains very human. The brand’s growth is unique and ground breaking in its massive scale, and also in its presence on the various social channels like Gal Gadot’s Instagram account, exposed to over 5 million followers, as well as other cast members.  Gadot and the well oiled machine behind Wonder Woman masterfully used social media, an integral part of our lives nowadays, and were able to create intrigue and curiosity that complimented the traditional PR outlets. They did so through interviews, talk shows and red-carpet events and later on with the movie critics and promotional campaigns around the world.

There is no doubt that in a world in need of heroes to overcome difficulties we all wish for such a warrior, someone to be enraged by the hopelessness of war, to demonstrate courage, integrity and determination. But until we find a real Wonder Woman, we will continue to enjoy the pop culture icon who has recently received a new film star and numerous products that create this Wonder Women experience.

wonder woman lego

Zvika Shwimmer has been serving as CEO of Delta Israel since 2011. During his tenure Delta Israel has grown significantly and is now a chain with over 160 stores, as well as owner of the FIX brand and chain store and is the PUMA licensee in Israel. Mr. Shwimmer holds an MBA from School of Business Administration at the Bar Ilan University.

Of Socks and Men

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mens socks and golf shoes on grass

Something interesting is happening in the world of hosiery, as sales of men’s socks are presenting dazzling figures. This once neglected niche, fancy men’s socks, is now receiving a lot of attention.

According to data published by the NPD group, the Men’s Socks category has shown a whopping 3% growth in the past year alone, passing the $7 Billion marker globally. However, the most interesting thing about this figure is the reason behind it. The breakdown shows that consumers aged 18-35 are the driving force behind this shift. The Men’s socks category now represents 30% of all sales in the U.S. So are men suddenly interested in feet, or is there some other reason for this phenomenon?

We had a chat with Ohad Cohn, Managing Director of Delta Socks in the U.S and of branded Socks and underwear in Europe. With his knowledge of the hosiery world and market trends, along with his history of managing global brands, Ohad is the right guy to ask.


Men’s socks are THE hottest thing everyone is talking about in hosiery. Why do you think that is?

“Over time we can see that men are more interested in fashion” says Ohad, “They now try brighter colors, new fabrics and silhouettes. As for socks, they became the new tie, meaning that more and more men started to pay attention to a clothing item that was once almost invisible. That’s why the Men’s socks business in the U.S. market alone is worth more than $2.5 Billion a year.”

And how do you see this change affecting Delta Galil?

“Because we are both a socks manufacturer for leading companies like Nike and Lululemon, and others (e.g. Wilson, Columbia, Converse, Kenneth Cole NY, etc.), we have a unique perspective of the global socks market. Our diversified portfolio of brands allows us a foothold in various segments, including sports, outdoor, dress and lifestyle.

For example, after singing a socks license deal with Columbia in 2012, we succeeded to grow this business and ramp up sales in just a couple of years. Thanks to the great teams I work with in the U.S and EU, we achieved fantastic results and plan to continue to grow the outdoor socks category in the future.”

Where do you see Delta Galil going next?

“We are investing in developing new innovative products and technologies, in line with the market trends and the direction we get from our partners. The product is key, and our design improved dramatically over the last few years. In addition, we are always looking to further build our portfolio, add new brands to our family. “

Women and the Active Wear Boom

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woman on track with hat

There is a very lively discussion these days about how active wear fashion is the new gold rush. Reports show a leap in the number of brands dedicated to women’s active wear, and let’s not forget major league cooperations like the new “Fenty” line by Rihanna for Puma, Adidas with Stella McCartney and many others. Aside from the bombastic figures, crunched numbers and colorful graphs, another story hides underneath it all, the fact that there is a power driving this economic growth spurt- the culture of female sport.

According to a recent survey, 78% of adults over the age of 18 exercise or participate in sports regularly (1-2 a week). Another fact the survey reveals is that the vast majority of active adults are women. For example, in group activities (like yoga, kickboxing etc.) they outnumber men 5:1.

girl running track

In a study published by Running USA and the Millennial Running Study it was revealed that 73% of all regular runners are women. Yes, three quarters of the surveyed population. These women love what they do and are proud of it! 74% replied they consider themselves “fit” and 65% replied they run for the exercise, not to compete.

But this trend is not limited to adults. As published by Morgan Stanley, there is a 10% climb in the number of high-schoolers participating in sports over the past 30 years. Even more impressive is the fact that out of those athletic teenagers, the number of girl participants almost doubled (17% to 32%) over the same time period.

running shoes on track

So why is it so important that women participate in sports more than their male peers? Precisely because they do. Considering the fact that women are the dominant demography, it is no surprise they have a major impact on the market as well. According to the NPD group, in 2014 and 2015 women’s active wear sales grew around 20%, double that of men at 10%.  Since 2009, the sports segment registered the highest growth rate, average of double digits every year without fail. . A good example is the NY based LiveTheProcess, an active wear company producing solely for female customers. The brand reached about 1.5M$ in sales in 2103, the first year of activity.  In 2015 sports gear and apparel were 25% of all apparel and foot wear market in the U.S alone

woman on running track lap

This trend, or phenomenon, has a very wide ripple effect. The Intimates market makes for a great example of how the yoga moms, followed by their wallets, are taking over. In such a dominantly female market sales are pretty much dedicated to women, and no one bats an eye when this or that segment shows a bump. However, it should be noted that since 2015 the fastest growing segment is sports bras. The growing demand from the consumer public dictates what the market looks like, and the market is going for a jog.

running shoes tie laces track

Take a moment and think about what that means; how entire industries emerged following this recent (in relative terms) cultural shift. It may be too soon to predict what might happen next in the field of female sports, but one thing is certain – the market will be the first to respond.

Welcome Our New Members!

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three brands image

Delta Galil is refreshing the wardrobe with 3 fashionable new brands to join our family!
Our latest additions are star stubbed and renown brands sold all over the world. Each new member is a leader in their own way; by innovative products, one-of-a-kind pieces or simply thanks to their unique fashion and style.

The L.A based 7 For All Mankind are taking the world of Denim by storm! Established in 2000, 7FAM immediately became a crowd favorite with celebrities and fashion icons spotted wearing the signature FAM jeans.


Established in 2001 by designer Pamella Protzel-Scott, Ella Moss is a must-have in your collection due to its distinct boho-chic and romantic touch.


For Splendid, it all started with the quest for the ultimate t-shirt. Known for using lush materials and soft fabrics, Splendid is really working towards their goal – “make the world a cozier place”.


Schiesser Celebrating 140 Years of Cutting Edge Tradition

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schiesser expo poster 2015

It takes a special kind of company to maintain and preserve such a rich heritage, all while remaining one of the most innovative brands of its genre. Schiesser celebrated 140 years of tradition and progress in the exhibition “On Bare Skin” (“Auf Nackter Haut”) in Stuttgart. Under the slogan “NO FUTURE WITHOUT ANCESTRY” the exhibition presented underwear, intimates and swimwear throughout the history of the company, revealing details on social trends, fashion and technical inventions over the course of three centuries. On the one hand, the exhibition honors the tradition of Schiesser, established in 1875, and on the other hand shows the dynamic properties such as Zeitgeist, modernity and innovation.


It all started with Jacques Schiesser, the entrepreneur who wanted to make better products. He invented and designed the revolutionary nine hand-operated circular knitting chair. His new machine allowed the production of elastic tissues that would replace the scratchy fabrics used at the time. Soon after the invention Jacques was awarded the prestigious Grand Prix at the famous turn of the century World Expo in Paris.

Since then, Schiesser is always one step ahead of the trend, be it the 1920s slender undergarments, the 1950s elastic fabrics miracle or the 1960s “underwear gender revolution” as men’s underwear turned colorful and versatile. Later on, with the rise of pop culture in the 1980s and 1990s, underwear was brought to the front and artists like Madonna made use of undergarments as a fashion statement. Staying true to the times Schiesser created items that don’t only serve a purpose, but have an artistic expression as well.


Following its ingenues founder, Schiesser is looking to the future, continuously pushing forward. For 2016 the focus is expanding accessibility to the public, through multiple platforms, including online stores, additional retailers and more. It is clear that since 1875 and until this day, Schiesser is a leading brand in intimates, loungewear and swimwear all across Europe, and it will keep on growing and expanding even more.