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In order to allow persons with any disability access to our website we have devoted great resources to make is accessible. We used advanced technology and added a significant number of accessibility features on our web site. These features complement the use of assistive technologies and are meant to help make the site usable for all audiences. We are constantly working to improve accessibility and usability in accordance with international standards and the law. meets the accessibility requirements of level 2 (AA) set forth in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG2.

The web site is compatible with all major browsers:
Explorer 9.0

How to navigate the site
To move forward press TAB
To move backwards press SHIFT+TAB

Changing colors
You can change the display colors for better viewing

Changing font
You can change and resize the font on site pages

Navigating between page sections
The web site pages are divided into sections. At the top and bottom of every section there is a link button transferring to the different sections on the page.

You can underline or highlight links on the page.

You can enable Focus Mode by choosing it from the accessibility toolbar on the right.

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Have you encountered any problems using the site?
Please inform us of any problems or errors you find using this web site. When writing your message please describe the issue with as much detail as possible to help us solve it better.

When reporting an error please include:
A description of the problem
What is the action you were attempting
Which page displays this error
Browser type and version number
Operating system type and version
Assisting technology (when applicable)

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