Established in 1975, Delta Galil Industries is a global manufacturer and marketer of branded and private-label apparel for men, women and children.

Since the beginning, we have been continuously striving to create products that follow our Body-Before-Fabric philosophy, realizing that there must be an equal emphasis on comfort as much as aesthetics and quality. We develop technologies that serve this philosophy for all our products; our innovative seamless apparel, intimates for women and men, next generation activewear, fashionable leisure wear and much more.

The story of Delta Galil is one of progress and growth, and we intend to write the next chapter the same way we did before – by constantly pushing forward. We wanted to open a window into our world, share our accomplishments, activities and stories from all around the world of Delta.

To find our more visit us at www.deltagalil.com | www.csr.deltagalil.com